Website Re-launch: Important Updates for Customers

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Dear valued customers,

Back in late June 2023, the Native Smokes 4 Less website was forced to temporarily close due to unforseen challenges under previous management.

Since then, the Native Smokes 4 Less brand has been aquired by a new team that looks to resolve many of the logistical problems that existed under the previous ownership.

We are happy to announce that as of today, the Native Smokes 4 Less website is now open again for business under new management.

Please see below for other important new updates, or read our full blog post on our website covering all topics.

Relaunch Sale

In response, all customers can secure the following discount:

For every 4 cartons that you buy, get one free! (equivalent to a 25% discount)

In addition, our existing bulk discount tiers also stack with these discounts. If you order:

  • 5 to 24 cartons, get an extra 10% off
  • 24 to 49 cartons, get an extra 20% off
  • 50+ cartons, get an extra 30% off

In total, if you order 50+ cartons you will recieve 30% off PLUS an additional 25% off by getting 12 free cartons!

No coupon code is required, discount automatically applied at checkout.

Please note that our product selection is limited to most of our best selling products at this time. Within the coming weeks, we will continue to add our full lineup of products back on to the website as we get it in stock.

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Past Orders Concerns

We have been closely monitoring email communications from customers that had not recieved their orders prior to the temporary closure of our website in late June. We will continue to respond and monitor email communications closely to ensure that all issues are resolved.

Update About Product Selection

Now that we have re-launched, customers can now place orders as usual. However please be advised that we currently have a limited product selection available at this time.

As of August 9th, 2023, we currently have the following products in stock:

As we continue operations in the coming weeks, we will be adding all products from our product lineup back in stock. We will also publish updates via email when we get new products in stock to keep you informed.

What’s Next for Native Smokes 4 Less?

Moving forward, our goal is to meet and exceed all expectations of customers. You spoke, we’re listening. Here’s what’s what we have in store for improving customer experience:

  1. In the next 60 days, we will be launching a new customer support line via live chat on our website, as well as opening up a customer support phone line
  2. Our new order fullfillment and shipping team is more optimized to manage the large number of orders. This will greatly reduce the time it takes customers to recieve their orders
  3. We will look to offer credit card payments to customers to make our checkout process more simple
  4. We will be restocking our entire product lineup, and expanding on it with new products frequently

Thank You For Your Patience

We just wanted to thank all of our loyal customers for your patience during our downtime.

We understand that some of our customers are frustrated, specifically those that had pending orders during the time that our website was down.

On behalf of our new management team, we want to ensure everyone that we are here to stay for the long haul, and we will ensure that all cancelled orders and payments will be made whole.

If you have any issues with past orders, please be sure to email our customer support team at [email protected].

Website Relaunch Q&A

Here are some common questions we have been getting. Click the sections below to expand them and read more.

Why did the Native Smokes 4 Less website shut down?
Back in late June 2023, the Native Smokes 4 Less website was forced to temporarily close due to unforseen challenges under previous management. The prior management team felt that it was in their best interest to pursue other endeaveurs that are more suited to their expertise, and hand off the business to another party that has extensive experience running large scale ECommerce businesses.
In late July 2023, the Native Smokes 4 Less business including all assets were sold to a Canadian group of entrepreneurs with experience running large-scale Ecommerce websites. This group is now currently operating the business as of August 9th, 2023.
In response to the temporary shutdown of the website in late June 2023, the prior management team kept our email support line open to manage communications with customers that were affected.
Our customer support team has been answering all email inquiries during that time.
If you have an order that was not delivered during this period, you may email our customer support line at [email protected] and request a refund.
Please note that our bank account has limits on the number of daily and weekly E-Transfers that can be processed. However, our team is actively working on refunding all customers that have requested refunds.
We will work as quickly as possible to make sure that all orders are made whole. In the event that you have not requested for a refund, we will begin shipping out backdated orders that are still pending.
As our new management team has been onboarded, we discovered that some customers were facing long delays for packages to arrive – or they simply didn’t arrive at all.
Upon inspection, we discovered that the prior setup for shipping and fulfillment was not adequate to meet the demands of the quick growth of the Native Smokes 4 Less website.
One challenge with the products that we sell is that they come in very large boxes, making storage and inventory management a challenge.
In response, we have made sweeping changes to our entire operation to ensure that we can meet the demands of our customers and get orders out accurately and on time.
As we ramp up operations again, we have stocked our warehouse with most of the best selling cigarette products. All of our smokeless tobacco, nicotine pouches, cigars/flavoured cigars, and shisha products are currently out of stock.
In the coming weeks we will be restocking all of our products on our website, plus launching new additional ones as well.
As of the writing of this news release, we currently have the following products in stock for purchase:

We will update customers via email about re-stocks and new product launches on a more frequent basis moving forward.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please email our customer support team at [email protected]. Our team will respond as quickly as we can.
In the next 60 days, our team will be launching two new additional customer support lines: a live chat on our website and a dedicated phone support line.
We will announce this via email and on the website as soon as these are ready to go.