Skoal Long Cut Citrus Dipping Tobacco


If you’re looking for dipping tobacco with a zesty and energizing kick, go no further than Skoal Long Cut Citrus Blend Dipping Tobacco.

Quantity Discount (%) Price
1 - 4 $25.00
5 - 9 10 % $22.50
10+ 20 % $20.00


This strong and stimulating dipping tobacco is crafted from premium tobacco leaves and flavoured with a blend of zesty citrus flavours. Just pack a lip of Skoal Long Cut Citrus, and then enjoy the taste that lingers long and the robust tobacco flavour.

Because of the manufacturer’s commitment to quality and using only the highest-quality ingredients, Skoal Long Cut Citrus Blend Dipping Tobacco delivers a consistent and reliable flavour every time you use it. It is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to enjoy the flavour of dipping tobacco without the hassle or mess of other ways.

Skoal Long Cut Citrus Blend Dipping Tobacco is an excellent choice to experience a zesty, citrusy flavour with your tobacco, regardless of how long you’ve been using tobacco or dipping. Get Skoal Long Cut Citrus Blend Dipping Tobacco today and enjoy its unrivalled flavour and usability.

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