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We are glad to launch General Wintergreen Snus Chewing Tobacco, the ideal chewing tobacco product for those seeking a flavorful and robust chewing experience during the winter months. These high-quality tobacco pouches are constructed with premium tobacco leaves. They are delicately seasoned with a one-of-a-kind blend of wintergreen flavours, offering a refreshing and renewing taste.

Quantity Discount (%) Price
1 - 4 $25.00
5 - 9 10 % $22.50
10+ 20 % $20.00
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General Wintergreen Snus Chewing Tobacco is packaged in pouches, making it convenient for on-the-go consumption. It is simple to use and is designed to fit securely under the lip for a long-lasting and pleasurable experience. You can enjoy the full flavour and aroma of the tobacco without having to deal with any messes or problems.

The chewing experience of General Wintergreen Snus is also meant to be gentle on the gums, resulting in a pleasant and gratifying sensation. These pouches contain premium tobacco that has been processed and cleaned to remove contaminants. This ensures an enjoyable and contaminant-free experience every time you use them.

No matter how long you’ve been using tobacco or how recently you’ve gone into the world of chewing tobacco, General Wintergreen Snus Chewing Tobacco Pouches are a wonderful choice for anyone seeking the best quality product. Your encounter with wintergreen chewing tobacco will be one that you appreciate entirely due to its delectable flavour, user-friendly pouches, and silky texture. Why then wait? Try General Wintergreen Snus Chewing Tobacco today to experience a new level of chewing tobacco delight.

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