Native Smokes

Native Smokes

What is it about our native smokes from Native Smokes 4 Less that makes them the best native cigarettes on the market? Quality tobacco, expertly packed cigarettes, and the lowest prices around are just a few of the many reasons to try our Canadian cigarettes. If you're looking for a steady, reputable supplier to keep you in-stock and allow you to pass along affordable prices to your customers, you'll want to check out our discounts on volume cigarette cartons. See all of our native smokes on our website.

5 Compelling Reasons To Buy From Native Smokes 4 Less

1. We ship to any Canadian location for a flat shipping rate of just $25. If you typically order multiple cartons at one time from another supplier and pay a hefty shipping fee, you'll find our flat rate price is easy on the budget.

2. When you order our Native Canadian cigarette brands, you'll have the option or buying 50+ cartons at a significantly discounted price: $35 per carton on your large order of at least 50 cartons of our Canadian native smokes. For orders of 5-24 cartons, you'll pay only $45 per carton or $40 each for orders between 25-49 cartons.

3. Order reservation cigarettes online to support our indigenous people. Our people are known as the Snaw'naw'as, a name that was inspired by the name-sake of the lone survivor of a battle that took place in the 1800s; we're sometimes called the Nanoose First Nation or the Coast Salish People. By purchasing our native smokes, you're encouraging economic growth within our community.

4. Reservation native smokes offer competitive pricing that can work to your advantage if you sell cigarettes to the public. With access to the best deals on quality smokes, you'll realize a more sizeable profit while growing your business. Volume discounts are available when you place an order from Native Smokes 4 Less. We make it easy and affordable to stock your invenory with the best tobacco products for resale.

5. Order a variety of native smokes from our website:

  • BB Canadian blend tobacco cigarettes
  • Canadian Classics Original
  • Canadian Classics Silver
  • Canadian Full
  • Canadian Lights
  • Canadian Menthol
  • Rolled Gold Full
  • Rolled Gold Lights

You have more choices when you purchase bulk cigarettes in Canada from Native Smokes 4 Less. We know that your customers want more than just one or two options when buying cartons of cigarettes from your store- stock up on all of our smokes and you'll always have a supply on hand when customers ask for lights, menthols, smooth tobacco cigarettes, full flavors, and classic smokes.

Order cigarettes now at the best prices you'll find anywhere in Canada- as low as $35 per carton when you place a bulk order of 50+ cartons of our best native smokes. Shop around, then come back to our website for the best deals on premium tobacco smokes sold and shipped directly to you at a flat rate price of only $25 for your entire order.

Native Smokes
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Native Smokes
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