Deep Tissue Massage Boise

At Hybrid Health, we offer deep tissue massage in Boise at competitive prices. Our team of therapists is experts at offering the most therapeutic deep tissue massage that helps treat muscle pain and stiffness.

What is a deep-tissue massage?

Deep tissue massage focuses on releasing tension from the deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. It is particularly beneficial for individuals suffering from chronic aches and pains, stiff neck, upper and low back pains, sore shoulders, etc. Deep tissue massage uses most of the strokes from the classic massage therapy, but the maneuver is slower, with deeper, more concentrated pressure.

Chronic pains can often occur as a result of bands of painful and rigid tissues called adhesions. You could have adhesion in muscles, tendons, or ligaments, and this can hinder the proper circulation of blood and lead to inflammation and severe pain. During a deep tissue massage session, our therapists for deep tissue massage in Boise use warm oils and direct pressure on certain target areas in your body to reach the deeper layers of the muscle tissue to promote healing.

Tips for finding a deep tissue massage provider

You must choose a qualified massage therapist for your deep massage session. Ask your doctor or physical therapist for a referral, or your friends and family members for a recommendation. When looking for a massage therapist, interview the therapist on their level of training, licenses, and experience with offering deep tissue massage.

Besides, inquire about the cost they charge per session, and if whether they offer any discounts and offers for first-time clients. Be sure to speak to your health insurance provider to see if they cover massage therapy.

Benefits of deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage offers several benefits to the body, mind, and soul. Some of the benefits of deep tissue massage include:

  • Treats chronics back pains - Patients suffering from severe back pain can witness significant improvements in their pain levels with deep tissue massage sessions for ten consecutive days. It is a much safer and side-effect free alternative to pharmaceutical drugs and offers lasting results.
  • Reduce stress and muscle tension - People with highly stressful jobs, or a 9-6 desk job can often suffer from inflammation and muscle tension. This can, over time, take a toll on your overall health and severely affect your performance at work. Deep tissue massage helps loosen the stiff and tight neck, shoulder, and back muscles and increases the production of oxytocin. It allows you to unwind and reboot after a busy work week.
  • Aids in healing from injury - A deep tissue massage breaks up newly formed scar tissues, and promotes healing and recovery. Besides, it also helps treat sports injuries and conditions like fibromyalgia, plantar fasciitis, sciatica, and tennis elbow.

Schedule a deep tissue massage in Boise today by giving Hybrid Health a call at 208-284-2647 or book your appointments at Get rid of that engulfing body pain and neck stiffness with our highly rewarding deep tissue massage session.

Deep Tissue Massage Boise
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Deep Tissue Massage Boise
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