How to Dispose of Vapes: Doing the Right Thing

How to Dispose of Vapes Doing the Right Thing

Vape users should always be responsible not only to themselves but also to their surroundings, which is why they should know how to dispose of vapes properly. With the growing number of people using vapes in Canada over the years, it is not surprising to notice the increase in vape-related waste in garbage bins and landfills.

These devices, regardless of their brand and model, will eventually cease to work after numerous months. Their lifespan may even become shorter if they are not used, stored, or maintained properly or possess some manufacturing defects. 

Knowing how to do the right thing can help the environment be free from improper disposal of household waste. Read on to learn the proper ways of vape disposal.

Vape Recycling Programs

Consumers of vaping devices in the country have significantly increased over the past few years. Hence, e-cigarette companies continue to launch different models and types of these devices on the market. These offerings are then picked up by convenience stores, gas stations, specialized tobacco and vape shops, and online stores.

The Death Row Disposable Vapes are among the e-cigarette products being sold in a wide variety of stores today.

The rise of vape users, however, has also led to the growth of post-consumer e-cigarette waste. A document from Public Health Ontario reveals that e-cigarettes can generate hazardous waste to the environment since they are mostly made of lead and other toxic materials

And while e-liquid, which is the main source of nicotine and flavoring for these devices, does not pose a threat to the microbiological environment, studies from the same document have stated that its flavor additives may still affect the ecosystems negatively.

To reduce the impact of vape waste on the environment, vape consumers should recycle their old or damaged e-cigarette products. Recycling leaders in Canada have launched vape recycling programs to address this type of waste.

TerraCycle, for instance, pioneers the Smoke-Free Recycling Program, encouraging vape users to send their old or damaged HEET sticks, VEEV devices, cartridges, and others so they can be recycled for free. A group of Canadian cannabis companies and the Cannabis Council of Canada (C3), with the partnership of Quantum Lifecycle Partners, have also come up with their own program, accepting disposable vape pens, batteries, and cartridges from various brands for recycling.

Through these initiatives, companies and organizations can convert discarded vapes and accessories from a biological hazard into a valuable source of materials for healthier and greener surroundings.

Where to Dispose of Vapes Near Me

Disposing of vapes lets you contribute to the betterment of the environment. You can help not only minimize household waste that ends up in landfills but also save the environment from the toxic elements of your used e-cigarettes.

The vape recycling program of C3 and its partner cannabis businesses and e-recycling provider allows vape users like you in Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia to drop off their old or damaged vaping devices and accessories into the countertop collection boxes found in supported cannabis retail stores.

Through this program, expect your vapes to be sorted, separated, and processed by Quantum Lifecycle Partners into base commodities, which businesses can reuse to manufacture new products repeatedly.

For specific vaping products like HEET sticks, VEEV devices, VEEBA devices, and vaporizer cartridges from all brands, you can dispose of them through the recycling program of TerraCycle. You can do so by signing up for the TerraCycle program and mailing the waste through a prepaid shipping label.

Where to Recycle Disposable Vapes

Disposable vapes are electronic cigarette products that cannot be refilled after depleting their e-liquid. They often contain a fixed flavor and nicotine strength. The Geek Bar Pulse Disposable Vape, which is available in tons of flavors, is a popular disposable vape you can get today.

Since disposable vapes are expected to be discarded after reaching a certain number of puffs, they eventually become a liability to the environment. They contain not only plastic parts but also lithium batteries and toxic metals from their body and circuit boards, which can leach into the surroundings, add more electronic waste, and lead to a fire hazard.

Recycling these vapes, fortunately, can be done through the existence of vape recycling programs of TerraCycle and Quantum Lifecycle Partners.

If you are a disposable vape user who is in Ontario, Alberta, or British Columbia, be sure to visit the nearest cannabis retail store and drop it off in the countertop collection boxes. Alternatively, you can send your VEEV or VEEBA disposable vape to TerraCycle by signing up for its program, placing the device inside a box, and sending the package to the waste management company.

How to Dispose of Disposable Vapes

Disposable vapes usually consist of a mouthpiece, e-liquid, cartridge, coils, and a battery. These parts are often made from plastic, metals, and chemicals that can be harmful to the environment, especially if they are disposed of improperly in local landfills.

To dispose of these short-lived vapes, you must send them to institutions like TerraCycle as they offer vape recycling programs. In late 2021, TerraCycle said to CBC News that it has already recycled 90,000 to 130,000 electronic cigarette devices, which is already a good start in cutting down the amount of vape waste in the environment. It has also helped in decreasing the number of e-waste, which is another concern countries should tackle and address.

Before discarding your disposable vape, make sure that it does not have any remaining e-liquid. Once you confirm that it is already empty, you should not dismantle its components. Instead, place the whole device into an old box or back to its original packaging. Afterwards, go to the nearest store that offers recycling for vapes and drop it off.

Some areas in Canada, however, may not have access to collection areas. So, as an alternative, you can label the package and ship it to waste management companies offering disposable e-cigarette recycling.

How to Dispose of Vape Cartridges

One key component of vapes is cartridges. Vape cartridges contain e-liquid that will be later turned into vapor. These containers or tanks are made from glass or plastic, which are known for their high resistance to corrosion and high temperatures.

Disposing of vape cartridges, however, must be done properly for environmental protection and safety. Since these containers hold the e-liquid, they may contain residues of nicotine and other components even after discarding the whole device. Without proper disposal, these chemical compounds may be released into the surroundings, causing more harm.

Vape cartridges should not be treated as a household waste. Therefore, you must not throw them into your household trash bin. Ideally, you must dispose of one at the nearest drop-off point for e-waste. Vape recycling programs in Canada allow you to bring or ship your vape cartridge to waste management companies so they can process it properly.

Is Vaping Bad for the Environment

When comparing vapes vs cigars and other smoking products, more and more people are set to pick the former due to their accessibility and portability.

In fact, the demand for vaping steadily increased in recent years, prompting e-cigarette manufacturers to produce millions of vaping products with varying designs and flavors. One classy take on the design of e-cigarettes goes to the Runfree BC5000 Ultra.

As a result, more people can access these products more easily. In Canada alone, the number of young adults using vapes has skyrocketed, pushing governments to regulate vaping.

Vaping, while dubbed as less harmful than smoking cigarettes or cigars, is not yet recommended by health agencies as a tool for quitting smoking as vaping products and accessories still contain chemicals that can be toxic to one’s body. 

The vapor from e-cigarettes, after all, contains chemicals found in gasoline, lead paint, embalming liquid, vehicle exhaust, wildfire smoke, and even cigarettes, which are deemed harmful when inhaled. Also, it contains nicotine, a substance that can contribute to the development of heart, lung, and other body diseases.

As for the environment, vaping can degrade the air quality of the surroundings, especially indoors. 

According to the study Effects of Electronic Cigarettes on Indoor Air Quality and Health, electronic cigarettes do produce fewer carcinogenic and toxic compounds than traditional cigarettes, but they still produce vaporized propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine, and toxic substances. These compounds may then affect indoor air quality, which puts people exposed to vaping at risk of developing respiratory and cardiovascular illnesses.

The environment is likewise affected by vaping as more waste is produced. Post-consumer waste from vaping devices, especially disposable ones, can be a source of harmful substances, which may leak into the surroundings if not handled and discarded safely.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Throw out a Disposable Vape?

You should not throw your empty disposable vape out into your household trash bin. Instead, you must place it inside an old box or return it to its original packaging. Then, you should drop it off at the nearest collection box of vaping devices by Quantum Lifecycle Partners or ship it to a reputable waste management company like TerraCycle.

Where Should You Dispose of Disposable Vapes?

Disposable vapes are meant to be used regularly until they run out of juice. Once you have exhausted its last puff, you must discard it in the right place. It is recommended that you get rid of it in a designated bin for e-waste, which you can find in your nearest retail stores. You can also send it to a recycling facility that can process your vape. 

How to Dispose of Vapes in Canada?

Vapes are composed of batteries, coils, and cartridges that can leak harmful substances when disposed of improperly, which leads to the contamination of soil and water. Canada offers vaping recycling programs that let you drop off or send your vaping devices and accessories to recycling facilities or collection points.

Are Disposable Vapes Recyclable?

While disposable vapes can only be used in a limited number of puffs, they can still be recycled when extracted and processed properly. Waste recycling facilities possess the right resources to disassemble these short-lived devices and recover specific plastics and metals that can still be reused for manufacturing new products.

How to Dispose of Auto Firing Vapes?

Vaping devices are classified as auto firing if they do not require a button to activate. Instead, inhaling through them fires up these devices instantly. When disposing of auto firing vapes, you must ensure that they are turned off. Then, remove their battery if possible, put them in a box, and send the package to your preferred recycling facility.

Are Vapes Recyclable?

Different materials are used to manufacture vaping products. Even though some of their materials cannot be recovered and recycled, others can still be maximized. Hence, vapes can still be recycled after use, as long as you bring them to a recycling center. 


Vape users always make sure that their vaping devices and accessories are always in pristine condition, prolonging their lifespan as long as possible. But aside from using, storing, and maintaining these e-cigarettes, they should also know how to discard them safely, especially if they have already reached the end of their product life.

As a vape user, you should be wary of the consequences of throwing your vape devices improperly. You must also know the vaping recycling programs offered in Canada so you can discard your vapes and accessories properly and minimize environmental impact.

Another thing you can do to regulate vape disposal is to use a vape that can last for a long time. Explore the best long lasting vapes you can purchase today.