Differences Between Native and Commercial Tobacco

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Millions worldwide enjoy cigarette smoking daily due to its stimulating and relaxing effects. Call it a vice, but for some individuals, it’s a quick escape from the void and depressing reality, especially when experiencing downtime. You can probably relate if you’ve been using this product for a while. 

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As you explore this industry, you’ll find many brands and varieties of tobacco sold at different prices. You can opt for cheaper or more expensive products depending on your preference. But basically, cigarette smokers have to choose between native and commercial tobacco. Got any idea how one product differs from the other? Once the facts are clear, making an intelligent choice wouldn’t be a challenge. So, here, we’ll shed light on the differences between native and commercial tobacco and other relevant facts for your advantage. 

What is Native Tobacco?

Native tobacco is grown and produced without chemicals, fertilizers, or pesticides. It is a natural variety that is free of additives. This product is the origin of modern-day cigarettes. It has been used in ancient times for ritual and recreational purposes. But it hasn’t been outdated despite the prevalence of newer varieties grown commercially to meet consumer demands. 

Interestingly, the fact that native or traditional tobacco is organically grown and produced doesn’t always guarantee that it’s safer than commercial cigarettes. This product still contains several chemicals, such as nicotine, formaldehyde, lead, arsenic, and many others, which could be dangerous for users. Despite these risks, many people shop for native tobacco due to its natural aroma and highly stimulating and relaxing effects. 

What is Commercial Tobacco?

Commercial tobacco is grown and produced using certain chemicals, fertilizers, or pesticides. It’s typically formulated with additives to create a distinct aroma and effect. Some renowned examples of this product include modern cigarettes, e-cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, heated tobacco, and pipes. They also contain such chemicals as nicotine, formaldehyde, lead, arsenic, and other substance from a tobacco plant which are considered risk factors for tobacco use. But it doesn’t make the product riskier than native tobacco with similar contents. In fact, commercial tobacco has become popular as more people are seeking pleasurable experiences with cigarettes due to their potential benefits in health and lifestyle. 

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Differences Between Native and Commercial Tobacco

Before you pick any cigarette from a nearby or online shop, you should first understand the differences between traditional versus commercial tobacco. Once the facts are clear, that’s the time you can make an intelligent choice based on your needs. Native tobacco isn’t necessarily better than commercial tobacco, or vice versa. It primarily depends on your goals, considering these essential factors at play: 

  • Appearance – you’ve seen native and commercial tobacco, for sure. They don’t look the same, right? Well, commercial tobacco appears to have better packaging. The best example is e-cigarettes which really look classy. But some native tobacco out there is also at par with their counterparts, judging from the appearance. 
  • Aroma – commercial tobacco contains additives that give it a distinct aroma, unlike native natural tobacco. So, smoking cigarettes using any variety would produce different flavours every time. 
  • Chemical content – both native and commercial tobaccos have nicotine and other chemicals, as previously mentioned. But more substance may be found in the latter as they are grown and produced using fertilizers, pesticides, and additives. Read the product labels to check the chemical content. 
  • Effects – it depends on how much nicotine or chemical you take at a time. But the potency of native or commercial tobacco you’re using would also come into play. Some varieties can be more potent than others, so think about that as you choose any product. 
  • Cost – commercial tobacco can be more pricey than native tobacco, although the opposite may also hold true. The cost of any product depends on the brand and the store where you’re buying it. So, it’s essential to shop at the right store. 

Native versus Commercial Tobacco: Which is Better? 

The answer lies in your personal experience. So, gathering product reviews and scientific findings about commercial and traditional tobacco use is important. This will allow you to scrutinize each product’s chemical properties and effects. From there, you can decide which is safer and more effective for your needs. You may also use these products alternately when your circumstances warrant flexibility. Any effects from traditional and commercial tobacco should be monitored regularly since the benefits and risks are always present. If the product gives you more gains than threats, that’s a good sign for long-term use. Neither native nor commercial tobacco products would benefit your health and lifestyle unless you use them properly. Choose what serves you best!

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The Benefits and Risks of Smoking Tobacco 

You’ve probably heard such sayings as “Smoking helps in losing weight” and “Smoking is dangerous to your health.” Both statements are true. This pertains to the benefits and risks associated with cigarette smoking. Some studies claim that commercial tobacco or the native variety could help you cope with weight problems, stress, anxiety, and other health conditions. While others emphasize the possible occurrence of cancer and lung ailments due to native or commercial tobacco use. 

As a potential or regular smoker, you should always look at the two sides of the coin. You may limit your nicotine intake to prevent the drawbacks. But when things aren’t working in your favour, know what to prioritize and know what to sacrifice. Just because cigarette smoking feels good inside and out doesn’t mean it stays the same forever. 

Practical Tips When Buying Tobacco Products

For sure, you want the best cigarette product in the market. That’s a guarantee when you familiarize all the brands under consideration. It would help if you studied the pros and cons of each product based on its chemical content and effects. But sometimes, the challenge is finding a reputable store where you can grab premium native or commercial tobacco. If you’re somewhere in Canada, you can trust Native Smokes 4 Less for the most popular cigarette brands. We offer these practical tips as you explore different items in our online dispensary: 

  • Consider the content, flavour, and effects
  • Check product reviews and ratings
  • Read published studies and articles
  • Compare cost and quality
  • Ask customer service for any guidance
  • Understand the benefits and risks 
  • Consult your doctor, if necessary

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In one study, it was reported that tobacco use may help prevent Parkinson’s disease. Although more research is needed to confirm the initial findings, many people believe that the benefits of this product are best at the moment, rather than the potential risks in the future. The effects vary among different individuals, considering many factors, such as age, medical history, and lifestyle. 
Cigarettes are now sold like basic commodities but are regulated by the government to protect public interests. In reality, you can buy these products in many tobacco and convenience shops and use them anywhere cigarette smoking is allowed. Many workers would enjoy a stick of cigarettes and a cup of coffee in the morning to start their day or during break time in the afternoon. Somehow, this hobby is a stimulant for individuals lacking motivation and energy. Nicotine may also help manage stress and anxiety for users comfortable with the substance. 
Your professional and personal life might improve as you smoke native or commercial tobacco casually or regularly. Nicotine is an effective stimulant that may increase your drive and concentration. But proper use of this product is encouraged because it’s also prone to abuse. What effects you’re getting from tobacco are associated with how and when you use it. You should know your limits and the best time to smoke cigarettes. Remember that nicotine addiction, dependence, and smoking cessation could damage your health in the long run. But yeah, you can have a happier and more productive life with a good cigarette. 
Whether you’re a casual or a chain cigarette smoker, the need for proper medical consultation should not be ruled out. It would be best to take this initiative before or after smoking native or commercial tobacco. Some risks should be considered, and when you’re health is on the line, it’s a serious judgment call. Some people have been using tobacco products for a long time and find them safe and effective for their intended purposes. But there are cases when this hobby takes a toll on one’s health, as cigarette smoking or quitting commercial tobacco may trigger lung diseases and other health conditions. It’s good to look at the benefits, but you should always know when to draw the line.