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If you’re curious about prime time cigars, you might wonder what flavors are available, how they taste, and whether they’re a smart choice for your budget. Time caters to these questions with a variety of flavored cigars that promise a quality smoke without a hefty price tag. Let’s dive into the world of Prime Time flavors, their appeal, and what makes them a go-to choice for smokers seeking variety and value.

Key Takeaways

  • Prime Time offers a variety of affordable flavored little cigars which include popular tastes such as grape, wild berry, and vanilla, appealing to smokers who enjoy sweet and mild profiles.
  • Despite being compact, Prime Time’s little cigars provide an indulgent full-flavored smoking experience, favored for their convenience and compatibility with a quick or on-the-go smoking pace.
  • Consumers can purchase Prime Time cigars from Native Smokes 4 Less, an online platform offering a wide selection, free shipping on orders over $300, and bulk purchase discounts.

Unwrapping Prime Time’s Popularity

Prime Time has garnered a widespread following by expertly infusing authentic Scottsdale tobacco with an array of sweet flavors. This fusion has resonated widely throughout the USA, enticing smokers who savor Prime Time’s distinctively sweet offerings such as:

  • Prime Time Grape
  • Prime Time Strawberry
  • Prime Time Vanilla
  • Prime Time Wild Berry

The popularity of these cigars stems from their dual allure: they not only satisfy the growing demand for flavored cigars, but also provide an affordable option for those seeking a sweet smoking experience.

The Allure of Flavored Cigars

In the burgeoning world of flavored cigars, Prime Time has established itself as a premier brand. Offering a markedly different experience from conventional cigars, these flavored varieties deliver an enjoyable taste that’s reminiscent of sweets. The most sought-after flavors feature:

  • Cherry
  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate
  • Grape
  • Peach

With their gentle profiles making them highly approachable, brands such as Drew Estate Java have begun to eclipse traditional cigar sales in popularity. Likewise, Prime Time’s array of sweet-flavored offerings—including everything from grape to wild berry—has gained widespread appeal with both frequent and casual smokers alike.

A Sweet Smoke at an Affordable Price

You don’t have to break the bank for a gratifying smoke, and Prime Time cigars embody that philosophy perfectly by meshing quality with value. With their attractive price point, these diminutive cigars have soared in popularity among those looking for economic options without sacrificing taste.

The richly sweet aroma of the smoke from a Prime Time cigar is evidence of the brand’s commitment to delivering high-quality flavor at an accessible cost. Take, for example, Prime Time Vanilla Little Cigars. They provide an aromatic and flavorful experience using choice tobacco leaves while maintaining an incredible price advantage.

Savor the Flavor: Prime Time’s Diverse Palette

Time excels in the art of infusing cigars with a diverse range of exhilarating flavors. They have enhanced the market for flavored cigars by introducing distinctively sweet tastes, including:

  • strawberry
  • watermelon
  • cherry
  • grape

Their assortment delivers an ideal combination that ranges from robust tones like Espresso to softer, dessert-inspired varieties such as Vanilla.

Whether your taste leans towards fruity options such as Grape and Wild Berry, or you’re partial to velvety hints found in Vanilla, Russian Cream, and Irish Cream, Prime Time has something tailored for every palate. Among these attractive choices are:

  • Grape
  • Wild Berry
  • Vanilla
  • Russian Cream

-Irish Cream

To truly appreciate their charm let’s delve deeper into each of these flavors.

Prime Time Grape: A Top Choice for Fruit Lovers

Prime Time Grape cigars serve as an ideal option for connoisseurs who relish the profound and genuine grape taste. These cigars harmonize the sweetness of grapes with the inherent flavor of tobacco, offering a pleasantly sweet aroma that’s sure to captivate your olfactory senses.

With their rich blend of juicy grape essence, these cigars present a fragrant and refreshing smoking experience, particularly appealing to those fond of fruit flavors. Hence, if you have a penchant for fruity-scented tobacco offerings, adding Prime Time Grape cigars to your collection is highly recommended.

Berry Bliss with Prime Time Wild Berry

For those with an affinity for berry flavors, Prime Time Wild Berry cigars provide a delectable experience. The sweet and luscious taste is a result of a balanced combination of different berries, offering both aroma and refreshment in every puff.

This distinctive amalgamation of wild berry essences offers an extraordinary smoking encounter that has established the Prime Time Wild Berry as particularly cherished among aficionados. Such blends captivate your senses, making you yearn for yet another indulgent smoke session.

Indulge in Creamy Delights: Vanilla and More

Venturing beyond the realm of fruity essences, we delve into the world of luscious cream flavors that are uniquely presented by Prime Time – the sole cigar brand with a specialty in such profiles. Their Vanilla Little Cigars present a distinctly rich vanilla flavor infused within premium tobacco leaves to create an aromatic and gentle smoking experience.

Expanding their creamy palette, Prime Time also serves up additional luxurious cream-infused options like Russian Cream and Irish Cream, satisfying diverse palates. These creamy flavored cigars complement drinks such as red wine or light beer beautifully, offering an ideal treat for post-meal relaxation.

Little Cigars, Big Experience

The smoking landscape has been notably shaped by the presence of little cigars. These compact versions provide a speedy option for those who do not have the leisure to enjoy a full-sized cigar, delivering convenience and portability that caters well to brief pauses or a dynamic way of life.

Take Prime Time’s little cigars as an ideal illustration. They are designed at 3 3/8 inches long with a ring gauge of 20, making them impeccably suitable for swift smoke breaks. They still deliver the pleasure associated with richly flavored smoke, but in a decidedly more concise format.

Best Little Cigar Brands: Where Does Prime Time Stand?

Time has established itself as Canada’s top-selling brand of little cigars by maintaining a commitment to quality while remaining cost-effective. Smokers in search of a satisfying and rich smoke have made the brand’s little cigars exceptionally popular, all without being subject to a premium price.

In the crowded market for little cigars, Prime Time’s fusion of superior tobacco at an accessible price point is fundamental to its success. The brand demonstrates that delivering a gratifying cigar experience does not necessarily depend on size.

Filtered Cigars: The Prime Time Approach

Filtered cigars are sought after for their reduced nicotine content and smooth inhalation, providing a pleasant experience for occasional smokers. Time stands out among the finest filtered cigar brands, ensuring that its products deliver a deep flavor that enriches rather than dominates the inherent taste of tobacco.

The Prime Time Little Cigars Peach is one such example offering a gentle smoke with immediate gratification without overwhelming power. These machine-made filtered cigars originate from one of the esteemed cigar brands worldwide and are crafted in America to secure an unhurried burn, improving the entire smoking journey.

A Closer Look at Prime Time’s Offerings

Prime Time has expanded the realm of conventional flavors, presenting unique and creamy varieties such as Russian Cream and Irish Cream that deliver a specific, silky taste accented with subtle sweetness. To preserve their freshness and flavor to the utmost, each pack includes 20 Prime Time cigars carefully enclosed in sealed boxes.

Catering to various preferences, whether you appreciate these cigars’ robust flavors or enjoy the leisurely pace at which they burn, Prime Time meets your desires. We will delve into a detailed exploration of some of their most popular selections.

Prime Time Plus Cherry Cigars: Sweetness in Every Puff

For aficionados of a sweet cherry essence, Prime Time Little Cherry Cigars present an indulgent option. With a filtered tip that imparts a sweet cherry note, these cigars promise a tranquil smoke experience. Their dimensions at 3 3/8 inches in length with a ring gauge of 20 make them perfect for brief smoking breaks.

Offering generous quantity, Prime Time Plus Cherry Cigars come in cartons comprising 10 packs with each pack holding 20 cigars—ensuring plentiful stock for habitual smokers. At the competitive rate of $65.00 per carton, they strike an appealing balance between cost-effectiveness and quality craftsmanship.

Refreshing Prime Time Peach: A Summer Favorite

For those in pursuit of a succulent and invigorating flavor, Prime Time Peach cigars are the quintessential accessory for the summer season. The essence of peach permeates through their sweet filter tip, harmonizing with the superior tobacco mix to deliver an exquisitely fresh and juicy smoking experience fit for the warmest months.

Priced at just $65.00, these delightful cigars offer an affordable way to indulge in both taste and excellence. Crafted by Prime Time International Company within U.S. borders, every puff of a Prime Time Peach cigar guarantees unwavering quality that regular smokers can rely on during their prime time moments.

Vanilla Dreams: The Prime Time Plus Cigars Vanilla 10 Pack

For enthusiasts of vanilla-flavored cigars, the Prime Time Plus Cigars Vanilla 10 Pack is an embodiment of their desires. These cigars offer a delightful aroma coupled with a silky-smooth taste that captures the luxurious and soothing qualities associated with vanilla.

At just $65.00, this pack serves as an attractive proposition for those who cherish cigar experiences infused with flavor. The combination of sensory pleasure and economic value makes the Prime Time Plus Cigars Vanilla 10 Pack an essential choice for aficionados drawn to all things vanilla.

Stock Up on Prime Time at Native Smokes 4 Less

After exploring the extensive selection of Prime Time, consider restocking your preferred choices through Native Smokes 4 Less. Recognized as a highly-rated destination on Google, this site presents an expansive assortment of Prime Time cigars ready for you to acquire. When your purchase of Prime Time cigars exceeds $300, take pleasure in the benefit of complimentary shipping.

We will guide you in navigating the site to find those beloved flavors from Prime Time and make the most out of the exceptional offers at hand.

How to Navigate Our Site for Your Prime Time Favorites

Discovering your favorite flavors of Prime Time cigars at Native Smokes 4 Less is straightforward and convenient. Begin by exploring the different categories available. To hone in on Prime Time cigars specifically, select ‘Shop by Brand’ which allows you to sift through various brands effortlessly.

You can also check out the ‘Top 10 Best Sellers’ section to see whether Prime Time cigars make the list. These navigation options aim to streamline your search, enabling a swift and effective way to find those preferred flavors from the Prime Time category.

Amazing Deals Await: Prime Time’s Unbeatable Prices

At Native Smokes 4 Less, the ‘Buy More, Save More’ promotion ensures that your bulk purchases of Prime Time cigars are not only affordable but offer substantial savings. This deal is especially beneficial for those looking to stock their collections with Prime Time cigars while taking advantage of attractive discounts.

We guarantee complete satisfaction for every customer who chooses to indulge in the distinctive smoke offered by Prime Time cigars when purchased from Native Smokes 4 Less. Don’t hesitate—embrace the rich and enjoyable smoking experience provided by our reasonably priced Prime Time cigars today.


Time presents a wide selection of flavors, ranging from the tantalizing Grape and Wild Berry to the smooth richness of Vanilla, Russian Cream, and Irish Cream. These little cigars provide a perfect quick smoke for those on the go, while their milder filtered varieties appeal to different smoking preferences. Native Smokes 4 Less offers incredible prices and deals that make indulging in your chosen Prime Time flavors both easy on the wallet and accessible. Dive into Prime Time’s flavorful assortment of cigars and discover your next preferred smoke.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Prime Time Cigars?

Prime Time Cigars are a popular brand of machine-made cigars known for their smooth taste and consistent quality. Made with a blend of premium tobaccos, these cigars offer a satisfying smoking experience in a convenient and affordable package.

Where are Prime Time Cigars manufactured?

Prime Time Cigars are manufactured in the United States by Prime Time International Co., headquartered in Selma, Alabama. However, they are widely distributed and enjoyed by cigar enthusiasts in Canada and around the world.

What flavors of Prime Time Cigars are available at Native Smokes 4 Less?

At Native Smokes 4 Less, customers can indulge in an exclusive variety of Prime Time Cigars, each with its own unique character and aromatic allure. Our selection includes the ever-popular Grape, the succulent Peach, the playful Tutti Frutti, the luxurious Russian Cream, and the smooth Irish Cream. These flavors provide a diverse palette to cater to a wide range of tastes, ensuring that every smoker can find their perfect match for an enjoyable smoking experience.

Are Prime Time Cigars suitable for beginners?

Yes, Prime Time Cigars are often recommended for beginners and casual smokers due to their mild strength and smooth flavor profile. These machine-made cigars provide an accessible entry point into the world of cigar smoking, offering a consistent and enjoyable experience without overwhelming nicotine strength.

Where can I buy Prime Time Cigars in Canada?

In Canada, Prime Time Cigars are readily accessible for purchase online at Native Smokes 4 Less, where you can enjoy your favorite flavors without the added burden of tax or duties. They are also available at various brick-and-mortar retailers, including convenience stores, gas stations, and tobacco shops. This wide availability makes it easy for cigar aficionados to obtain Prime Time Cigars across the country.

How much do Prime Time Cigars cost?

Prime Time Cigars offer exceptional value, catering to a range of budgets. For those looking to buy in bulk, Native Smokes 4 Less provides bags containing 200 cigars at the competitive price of $75 per bag, ensuring both affordability and convenience. Prices for Prime Time Cigars may vary based on factors like flavor selection, packaging size, and retailer promotions, but they remain a cost-effective choice for smokers seeking quality without a high price tag.

Do Prime Time Cigars contain nicotine?

Yes, like all tobacco products, Prime Time Cigars contain nicotine, a naturally occurring stimulant found in tobacco leaves. While the exact nicotine content may vary depending on the specific product and flavor, Prime Time Cigars are generally considered to have a moderate nicotine strength suitable for most adult smokers.

Can Prime Time Cigars be smoked indoors?

Smoking regulations vary by province and municipality in Canada, so it’s essential to check local laws regarding indoor smoking before lighting up a Prime Time Cigar. In many areas, indoor smoking is prohibited in public places, workplaces, and indoor dining establishments. However, private residences and designated smoking areas may permit smoking in accordance with local regulations.

How should Prime Time Cigars be stored?

To preserve the freshness and flavor of Prime Time Cigars, it’s recommended to store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and excess moisture. A humidor or airtight storage container can help maintain optimal humidity levels and prevent the cigars from drying out or becoming stale. Additionally, storing Prime Time Cigars away from strong odors or other tobacco products can help preserve their distinct flavor profile.